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s16th September 2020, 21st October 2020 and 18th November 2020

16th September 2020

First UK “Blue” Hydrogen production projects with improved reforming and carbon capture technology.

“Overview of the HyNet NW project and progress to date”

David Parkin, Director, Progressive Energy

Progressive Energy is the lead project developer for the HyNet hydrogen / CCS scheme in the North West. This includes a Low Carbon Hydrogen production facility at Stanlow Refinery producing H2 at scale with high efficiency and high carbon capture rate. Progressive is also leading the HyDeploy hydrogen blending trial and a further project to conduct live H2 fuelling trials at a cluster of local large industrial users.

David Parkin is Project Director for HyNet. Prior to joining Progressive Energy in his current role, he was Network Strategy Director for National Grid Gas (subsequently Cadent), where he led the formation of the Future of Gas programme which first set out a strategy for decarbonisation of heat and led to the development of numerous projects, including the HyDeploy and HyNet hydrogen projects. David spent the early part of his career at BAE Systems / Airbus, before moving to Atkins in 2008, where he became Director of Power and Renewables. David holds degrees from Cambridge, Warwick and MIT.

“J M Technology approach for Hynet NW and similar "blue" H2 projects at St Fergus and the Isle of Grain”

Sam French, Senior Business Development Manager, Johnson Matthey

Sam is leading efforts at Johnson Matthey to develop their role within the new market of Low Carbon Hydrogen.

Hydrogen will be the key gas used in multiple sectors, such as transport, industry, domestic heating and dispatchable power. The key element now is to deploy technology at scale so that we can learn and understand the systems cost.

The Stanlow facility will deliver low cost, low carbon hydrogen at high efficiency, and a very high carbon capture rate – over 95% of the carbon used in the process will be captured and stored, thanks to the pioneering hydrogen production technology.

Institution of

21st October 2020

“The Engineering Reality of Net Zero 2050”

Professor Gordon A Hughes

Professor Hughes is a former Professor of Economics at the University of Edinburgh, and was a senior adviser on energy and environmental policy at the World Bank until 2001.

Luke Bannar-Martin, Centrica Net Zero Team

“Centrica’s Net Zero Toolkit”

Luke is an energy expert with a career spanning energy engineering, energy markets and commodities, energy consulting and low carbon technologies. Luke is a Product Manager for Centrica Business Solutions, focused on developing low carbon solutions to enable businesses to achieve their decarbonisation targets, such as commercial Heat Pumps.

18th November 2020

“Markets View on the delivery of Net Zero”

AFRY (Poyry) Dr Mostyn Brown, Senior Consultant, AFRY Management Consulting

AFRY Management Consulting provides leading-edge consulting and advisory services covering the whole energy value chain and are leading provider of strategic, commercial, regulatory and policy advice to Europe’s energy markets.

Mostyn has worked on least-cost pathways to net-zero emissions for the last ten years. He leads AFRY’s modelling of the world’s largest carbon markets including the EU ETS and the voluntary offset market.  He also specialises in the price, policy and regulatory risk governing the EU’s renewable electricity markets and works on the role of digital technologies in driving decarbonisation. Prior to AFRY, Mostyn worked on the development of pay-as-you-go solar PV for off-grid households, and carried out biophysical research on the world’s smallest electric motor for the University of Oxford.

“Accelerated Cost -Optimal Energy Transition” Learnings from the Pandemic Period

Mr. Ville Rimali, Director, Growth & Development and Tony Meski, Power System Analyst, Wärtsilä Energy Business.

How can we accelerate change to deliver a cost-optimal transition?

Explore how immediate renewable energy growth, increasing investment in flexibility and future-proofing decisions will ultimately prove the most cost-efficient way to achieve 100% renewables before 2050.

Wärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. By emphasising sustainable innovation, total efficiency and data analytics, Wärtsilä maximises the environmental and economic performance of the vessels and power plants of its customers.

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