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IPowerE Upcoming Webinars

Renewable Biogas and Hydrogen Fuels

June 20 15:00 BST (UTC+1)

Producing renewable biogas and hydrogen fuels to reduce natural gas dependence is another key page in our playbook to reduce net carbon and methane emissions and improve energy security.

Expanding biogas production and building generating capacity capable of 100% biogas and hydrogen operation are important aspects of the ongoing energy transition.

During this webinar speakers from DB Agri Ltd and Accelleron will explore farm scale biogas production and turbocharger technology for reciprocating engine operation on biogas and hydrogen fuels.

Turbocharger Technology for Power Plants and Hydrogen

Raphael Ryser  Accelleron Industries R&D Principal Engineer  

Raphael has a degree as a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich in 2005. In his professional career he first spent two years in experimental combustion research, followed by 5 years as an engine performance expert at Wärtsilä Switzerland Ltd. (now WinGD), before  joining ABB Turbo Systems Ltd. / Accelleron in 2012, where he had a position as a Principal Expert in Engine and Turbocharging Technology first in the sales, later in the technology department. In this position Raphael had the chance to investigate and advise on various advanced technologies around engines, turbochargers, and other energy conversion systems. Currently,is heavily involved in technical, strategic and communication topics around the application of alternative fuels on large engines and their effects on turbocharging and for two years has been heading a strategy group for energy transition topics.



A Farmers View of Sustainable Energy Production- the story of how a farmer becomes a renewable energy exporter and what this looks like in a changing world.

Frans de Boer   DB Agri

Frans de Boer is the managing director of DB Agri Ltd. Living on a family farm in Sussex, Frans started his career milking cows on a mixed farming enterprise but now specialises in renewable energy from biogas with his companies very own Anaerobic Digester. Frans uses his farming background to produce energy crops for biogas production as well producing food to help feed Britain. He is passionate about improving the family farm business while being sensitive to the environment and playing his part in reducing the UK's carbon foot print.

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