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A call for technical papers

Your opportunity to get published

The IPowerE technical papers programme is now underway and Members and others in the industry are invited to submit abstracts for papers to be either delivered at one of our ordinary meetings or published direct in the Power Engineer, the IPowerE’s technical journal.  IPowerE ordinary meetings are held several times each year and all the papers presented are reviewed and subsequently published in the Power Engineer. If you, or your company, has a topic you would like to have published then here is an opportunity not to be missed.

To be part of the papers programme please send in your abstract for review as soon as possible.  Don’t wait - let us have your abstract right away in 100-150 words.  If you have an idea for a paper, simply send an e-mail, get in touch and we will be delighted to assist.


The papers programme is the backbone of the IPowerE technical programme and is part of our 100 years valued tradition of encouraging authors to write and present technical papers. The papers are now usually presented on a papers day typically held during the months of January, March, May, September or November. Other opportunities for presenting papers are at our Seminars and Conferences.

IPowerE and published papers - The IPowerE tradition  

Since the formation of our institution more than six hundred technical papers have been delivered and these are available to members in the IPowerE library.  The institution exists to share/disseminate knowledge in the field of engine technology and technologies related to power generation, mechanical power, marine propulsion and rail traction.  Our technical papers tradition encourages and provides the opportunity for authors to have their work published with peer review, thus making the knowledge of the technologies available to a wide audience.  Peer review of the papers is made in several ways; first by an initial review by the papers committee on submission of the paper, secondly by the Q&A during a papers day or a general meeting and also by comments invited on publishing in the Power Engineer.

The range of topics IPowerE is seeking paper abstracts for include:

  Reciprocating engine and gas turbine technologies

  Operator and user experience

  New challenges facing the power industry for example - energy storage

  Marine propulsion

  Rail traction

  Distributed Power and Renewables Support

  Standby and emergency generation

  Emissions Compliance

  Fuels, including use of fuels from renewable sources and lubricants

  Ancillary systems and supporting technologies

IPowerE challenges all engineers involved in the field worldwide to take the challenge write and offer a technical paper over the coming weeks.  So please submit your abstract to IPowerE for consideration.  Those successful in having a paper accepted for publication will become eligible for consideration for one of our annual awards.

Notes and instructions to authors are available on request.  In the first instance simply contact us sending a short abstract (half page) setting out what your paper will cover and send this to the Papers Coordinator at or by mail to:  


Technical Papers Committee

Bedford Heights

Manton Lane

Bedford MK41 7PH

United Kingdom

The Technical Papers Committee