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A focused effort has been made to record the history of products and companies that Members have been associated with during their careers for future reference purposes.

Close contact is maintained with relevant heritage organisations and the IPowerE Heritage Committee includes representatives of such organisations.  In addition to a regular ‘Heritage News’ entry in the Institution Journal a series of heritage papers have been published and are available for download in the Members Area of this web site (username and password required).

Papers already published or planned for publication include:

Allen S12

Allen S37 Industrial & Marine Range

Blackstone E Range

Blackstone Horizontal Engines

Crossley H Type Engine

Diesel Power for UK Rail Traction

Dorman Engines

Free Piston Gasifiers

Gardner Diesel Engines

Harland and Wolff Diesels

McLaren-Benz Diesels

Early Mirrlees History

Mirrlees HF Diesel Engine Range

Mirrlees J and J Major Engines

Mirrlees K and K Major Range

Mirrlees Blackstone MB190 Engine

In addition to the above a number of heritage DEUA and IPowerE  papers dating back to 1918 are available for download.  Further papers can be added on request.

The IPowerE Council introduced a Heritage Award for organisations making exceptional contributions to preservation of the industry heritage. To date awards have been made to three organisations as follows

The Anson Engine Museum

of  Poynton, Cheshire for the restoration to working order of early internal combustion engines in the ‘Rattling Monsters’ section of the Museum.

The Internal Fire Museum of Power

of Tanygroes, Ceredigion, Wales  for the restoration to working order of a Sulzer air blast injection engine as a working example of the original engine designed by Dr Rudolph Diesel

The South Eastern Tug Society

of Chatham, Kent for the restoration of the British Polar M45M engine as fitted in the Motor Tug Kent which is believed to be the only direct reversing engine from this manufacturer left in working order.

IPowerE heritage activities

The IPowerE Council formed a Heritage Committee to concentrate on all aspects of heritage relating to reciprocating engines and gas turbines.  Heritage activities of the Institution now include visits, lectures, and the publication of heritage papers.

Mirrlees Blackstone MB275 Range

Mirrlees MB430 Diesel Range

Mirrlees U & T Range

Mirrlees National A (Monarch) Diesel Range

Napier Deltic

National Gas and Oil Engine Co

National B Series Engine Range

National F Series Engine Range

National Gas and Oil Engine Company R Series Engine Range

Newbury Diesel Company Limited

Ricardo Tank Engines of World War 1

Rootes/Commer TS Opposed Two Stroke Engine

Ruston AO Engines in Canada

Ruston 10H Restoration

Twin Bank Engines


Hornsby Akroyd Oil Engine - Volunteers required

The National Trust is seeking volunteers to assist with the operation and maintenance of an early Hornsby Ackroyd oil engine which normally works for one day each weekend in the season. The existing team has lost a few volunteers due to ill health and the operation of the engine is now restricted due to the lack of resources.

Anyone with an interest in assisting the National Trust with keeping this early example of an oil engine in operation should contact the IPowerE office in the first instance.