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Types of membership

Whether you’re starting out or already in engineering, our range of membership means that there is a level to suit everyone.

Grades of membership are awarded on a combination of experience and qualifications. The designatory letters after your name demonstrate where you are in your career. And, as you progress, you can apply for a membership upgrade to ensure your level always reflects your current position.

Member MIPowerE

For those whose qualifications, training and experience meet the requirements of the IPowerE. If qualifications are insufficient individuals can still be considered for membership if they demonstrate sufficient experience and responsibility in a related industry.

Associate Member AMIPowerE

For those not attaining the full qualification or experience required to become a full member or company member. Associate Members enjoy the same benefits as Members.

Student Member

For those undertaking a recognised course of technical training or training within a company associated with the engine or gas turbine industry.

Young Engineer

Persons applying to join IPowerE as a YE will need to meet Member entry requirements.  Essentially YEs are expected to have completed their full-time education (distinguishing them from Student members) and would pay their annual subscription on a sliding scale dependent on age.

Fellow Member FIPowerE

For those who have been members for a minimum of three consecutive years and who are able to meet stringent and advanced requirements.

Company Member

For any company who wishes to support the IPowerE. This class of membership allows for one member and four company associates. The member must meet the requirements for Member status.

Retired Associate Member

This category is aimed at allowing and encouraging retired persons with an interest in IPowerE to join, without the need to fulfil the “Retired Member’ requirement of having previously been a Member or Associate Member.


For universities, public authorities, libraries and other organisations associated with the energy industry. Subscribers are entitled to copies of our Journal, Power Engineer.