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Invitation to inspire             

As engineers, we have a passion to apply our technical skills to solve problems for the benefit of

people around the world and improve the environment in which we live.

New young engineers needed!

The IPowerE was founded in 1913 by engineers who wished to share their experiences and knowledge

in order to learn from each other.

Almost one hundred years later, it is clear that there has never been a greater need for more engineers! We hear this frequently in the media and we all know we must invest in our engineers of the future. So we at the IPowerE have been considering what part we can play in encouraging and supporting new engineers.

Across our membership we have individuals, companies and universities with a vast amount of knowledge and experience which together forms a unique network of expertise.

IPowerE young engineers’ initiative (YE)

The IPowerE Young Engineers Initiative acknowledges this potential but untapped resource and wishes to act as a catalyst to inspire and support our next generation of engineers.

Invitation to inspire

So, this is my personal invitation to you to help us inspire and develop our future young engineers. Here are just a few ideas...

Can you offer a factory, university or site visit?

Could you act as a mentor for a young engineer trying to develop their career?

Are you willing for a young engineer to ask questions and for you to share your technical expertise for their

    project or research?

Do you know of any young engineers that would benefit from being part of our network?

Do you have an established company graduate scheme but are looking for external networking


Are you doing an MSc, PhD or work project and wish to present your work in a supportive environment?

If yes, then please follow this link to an online form to share your ideas with us:

Young engineers’ award

I am also pleased to launch The IPowerE Young Engineers Achievement Award. Details are being developed so that it focuses on the aspirations of our young engineers. Application criteria will be published later this summer. If you would like any further information or would like to support or sponsor this initiative please do contact us.

Initial sponsors

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our initial sponsors who are long standing supporters of the IPowerE and have given us a firm foundation upon which to launch this Young Engineers’ Initiative.  I would also like to thank those individuals who have risen to the challenge of getting this initiative off the ground. Their enthusiasm is infectious!


YE working group contacts


Parsons Brinckerhoff

Katherine Austin, Ryan Broughton, Judith Packer

Siemens – Lincoln

Frank Carchedi

Cranfield University

Prof Pericles Pilidis, Uyioghosa Igie, Emanuele Pagnone

Centrica Energy

Ken Henderson