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The IPowerE Operational Report working group is delighted to report that the 2020 Operational Report is now ready in draft form. Members and Contributors are invited to join an on-line presentation meeting to discuss the 2020 Report Data Analysis:

Wednesday 21 April 2021 starting at 14.00h

Registration will be required to attend the meeting

Contributors were asked to provide data covering engines and all forms of generating plant including reciprocating engines, gas turbines, combined cycle plants, conventional steam plant, hydro plants and renewables.

The updated returns were expanded with solar, wind, and hydro tabs.

A summary of the returns submitted is as follows:


Table 1 2020 Report Overall Statistics

The countries and regions reporting includes Azores, Barbados, Canada, Canaries, Chile, China, Mauritius, Spain, Thailand, and UK.

It is intended that the presentations will cover analysis of the data received and the forced
outage returns.

Members are cordially invited to register for the meeting by contacting Christine or Amanda the IPowerE team in Bedford, UK no later than 15 April. Each of our Contributors are also cordially invited to nominate a person to join the meeting.

It is recognised that the time of the meeting may not be convenient for all so we are arranging
for the meeting to be recorded. The full report will be published after the meeting and this will
take into account comments during the meeting.

On behalf of the Operational Report working group

George Cooper, David Robbins, John Platt, Mike Raine, Scott Taylor, Stan Archer,
Sophie Madeley, Derek Jones, John Blowes, Ronald Hunt

29 March 2021